About Lucy's Grotto

Hey there, I'm Lucy!

I'm the type who always needs to be creating something, whether it's taking pictures or crafting! I started making headbands as a hobby 5 years ago, and since then I've created hundreds of unique designs inspired by my favorite things! I'm always coming up with ideas, so be on the lookout for new designs and collections!

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Artwork by @artsinah

  • Floral Wire Headbands

    My mouse ears journey began with floral wire headbands in 2017! I used to only make this kind of headband, some designs inspired by characters and some without any theme. I really enjoyed coming up with floral arrangements and color combinations! I've moved on from designing these, but I still love them!

  • Fluffy Ears

    These fluffy pom pom ears are some of my best sellers, but they received the most love in 2020 during the pandemic, even though the theme parks were closed for a while. They're really fun to style!

  • Anime Inspired Headbands

    In Spring 2021, my TikTok account blew up out of nowhere after I shared a few videos wearing headbands I made inspired by anime characters. Since then, my small business has leaned more toward anime themes. I've made dozens of anime inspired designs and have plans for lots more new collections!